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Introduction / Strategies and Measures
Center for Oral Health Systems Integration and Improvement

Title V MCH Services Block Grant Oral Health Toolkit

Strategies and Measures

Strengthening State Efforts Related to Title V Maternal and Child Health National Performance Measure 13 (Oral Health) includes sample strategies, two related to NPM 13.1 and two related to NPM 13.2. For each strategy, sample ESMs, possible data sources, justification for the strategy, and resources to support these efforts are noted. States and jurisdictions can use the information in this resource to strengthen NPM 13–related strategies and ESMs identified in their state action plan.

Common themes in the strategies addressing NPM 13 proposed by states:

Education and Training

  • Develop and distribute educational information and materials geared toward the public and health professionals.
  • Provide education at community-based settings.
  • Provide training opportunities for health professionals.

Partnership and Collaboration

  • Build connections and strengthen opportunities for collaborations with state programs, dental schools and dental hygiene programs, private practice, and community-based programs.
  • Promote the practice of health professionals providing oral health screenings, preventive services, anticipatory guidance, and referrals to a dentist.

Preventive Oral Health Services

  • Promote dental sealants
  • Promote fluorides

Sample Strategies and Evidence-Based or -Informed Strategy Measures (ESMs)*

Strategy: Improve data collection and reporting about dental visits and referrals

ESM: Annual report including utilization of oral health services presented to state legislature

Strategy: Include preventive dental services for pregnant women as a no cost preventive service within the Essential Health Benefit package

ESM: Preventive dental services implemented as a no-cost preventive service within the Essential Health Benefit package

Strategy: Form interagency partnerships to improve coordination between services

ESM: Number of interagency partnerships implemented to coordinate dental and other services

Strategy: Increase oral health awareness by distributing educational material in community-based settings

ESM: Number of community-based organizations provided with oral health educational materials

*Source: Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs: Sample Strategies and Evidence-Based or -Informed Measures. 2016. Baltimore, MD: Strengthen the Evidence for Maternal and Child Health Programs.