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Introduction / National Performance Measures
Center for Oral Health Systems Integration and Improvement

Title V MCH Services Block Grant Oral Health Toolkit

National Performance Measures

The 15 national performance measures (NPMs) identified in the 2015 MCH block grant guidance cover six population domains: women/maternal health, perinatal/infant health, child health, adolescent health, children with special health care needs, and cross-cutting/life course.

Oral health is in NPM 13.

No. Priority Area Population Domains
1 Well-Woman Visit Women/Maternal Health
2 Low-Risk Cesarean Delivery Women/Maternal Health
3 Perinatal Regionalization Perinatal/Infant Health
4 Breastfeeding Perinatal/Infant Health
5 Safe Sleep Perinatal/Infant Health
6 Developmental Screening Child Health
7 Injury Child Health and/or Adolescent Health
8 Physical Activity Child Health and/or Adolescent Health
9 Bullying Adolescent Health
10 Adolescent Well Visit Adolescent Health
11 Medical Home Children with Special Health Care Needs
12 Transition Children with Special Health Care Needs
13 Oral Health Cross-Cutting/Life Course
  13a. Dental visit during pregnancy
  13b. Children, ages 1-17, who had a preventive dental visit in the last year
14 Smoking Cross-Cutting/Life Course
15 Adequate Insurance Coverage Cross-Cutting/Life Course