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Referral and Follow-Up

Referral and Follow-Up

Working with Parents

School-based dental sealant program staff, case managers, or other qualified individuals (such as school nurses and social workers) with sufficient time and resources can help families navigate the health care system. Helpful activities include enrolling students and families in insurance programs and helping parents use insurance coverage, understand and act on oral health needs, set up appointments, and arrange transportation.

Each student that participated in the school-based dental sealant program should bring a results form or letter home informing their parents of how many dental sealants were placed, whether any obvious oral disease was identified, and whether the student needs treatment urgently (within 48 hours) or non-urgently (within 6 weeks). The letter should also emphasize the importance of regular dental visits and should provide a phone number that parents can call if they have questions.

Staff need to do their best to ensure that students receive necessary treatment. For students who have been referred for treatment, program administrators may choose to send the student’s parents a follow-up letter or to contact them by phone. For students with pain or swelling, extra efforts should be made to ensure that appropriate care is provided.