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Implementing the Program

Implementing the Program

Student Flow During Dental Sealant Placement

To maintain student flow and ensure that staff do not have to wait for students to report to the school-based dental sealant program to receive their dental sealants, each sealant-application team should strive to have one student in the dental chair receiving sealants and a second student waiting. Waiting students are given dry toothbrushes to brush their teeth. After the student is seated in the dental chair, the teeth are checked for cleanliness and re-brushed (with the same dry toothbrush that the student used previously) if necessary. The student’s toothbrush is placed back in its original box or container and given to him or her to keep.

As soon as one student has received dental sealants, the operator completes a note to the parent and (if needed) a referral for follow-up care, gives the note to the student to take home, and sends that student back to class. The student returning to class can send another student to the area where sealants are being applied. At the same time, the dental assistant places the contaminated instruments in a dishpan located on the floor, if reusable instruments are used, and places disposable products in the trash can. The assistant disinfects the dental operatory, retrieves a new instrument tray, and instructs the waiting student to sit in the chair.

Student Flow Diagram for Sealant Placement