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Preparing to Launch

Preparing to Launch

Before a school-based dental sealant program begins to operate in a school, the following tasks should be completed:

  • Staff must receive required training and information.
  • The school calendar must be checked to determine program start and end dates.
  • Parents must be educated about the program, and consent forms must be distributed, collected, and reviewed to make sure they contain parent signatures.
  • If student health histories are collected, they must be carefully reviewed, and follow-up with parents or physicians must take place in cases where there are possible health concerns.
  • A record must be prepared or registered in an electronic database for each student. Student records should contain demographic, assessment, referral, and billing information, as well as the paper or electronic version of a signed parental consent form or forms. If using hard copies, student records should be collated by room number so that students can be located easily.