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Administrative Staff

Administrative functions are an important component of school-based dental sealant programs. Staff need to

  • Obtain permission to access schools and develop programs from the state, school district, school, or other relevant entity
  • Obtain written memoranda of understanding
  • Work with principals, teachers, and parents to provide information and gain consent/participation in the program
  • Organize staff and volunteers, as needed
  • Schedule schools and classrooms
  • Arrange for transportation of equipment from school to school
  • Manage HIPPA and FERPA privacy requirements
  • Manage student charts and program data
  • Bill and collect reimbursement for clinical services
  • Conduct outreach
  • Make and follow up on referrals

In many school-based dental sealant programs, dental hygienists and assistants perform these administrative functions (and may also serve as program directors) in addition to providing clinical care. However a number of programs employ non-clinical staff to perform administrative functions. Available funding usually determines whether a program is able to hire non-clinical staff.