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Consortium for Oral Health Systems Integration and Improvement

Networks for Oral Health Integration Within the Maternal and Child Health Safety Net


The purpose of the Networks for Oral Health Integration (NOHI) Within the MCH Safety Net is to improve access to and utilization of comprehensive, high-quality oral health care for pregnant women, infants, and children at high risk for oral disease. Three projects were awarded funding for a 5-year period (2019–2024) to develop, implement, and evaluate models of care using three collective strategies:

  1. Enhanced integration of oral health care within maternal and child health safety net services (e.g., community health centers [CHCs]).
  2. Increased knowledge and skills among health professionals (including oral health, non-oral health clinical, and non-oral-health support service professionals) for delivering optimal oral health services.
  3. Increased knowledge and awareness of preventive oral health practices among parents and other caregivers to increase adoption of these practices, including use of oral health services.


NOHI Projects

Each NOHI project team comprises the award recipient, the partners, and the primary care associations and selected CHCs in four states (see map below). Two projects are focusing on pregnant women and infants and children from birth to age 40 months, and one project is focusing on children ages 6–11. All NOHI projects report on a set of common metrics that address the program objectives and metrics unique to their specific project. The NOHI projects collaborated to develop an environmental scan tool to gain knowledge about factors that could impact the integration of oral health care into primary care at the state level, with the purpose of informing NOHI projects’ work. Learn more in Networks for Oral Health Integration: Overview and Project Profiles 2020 and Update 2021 and NOHI Projects: At-A-Glance.

  • Midwest Network for Oral Health Integration (MNOHI): Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio (view profile)
  • Rocky Mountain Network of Oral Health (RoMoNOH): Arizona, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming (view profile)
  • Transforming Oral Health for Families (TOHF): District of Columbia, Maryland, New York, and Virginia (view profile)

NOHI projects map

NOHI Learning Collaborative

NOHI projects participate in a learning collaborative (LC) supported by the Consortium for Oral Health Systems Integration and Improvement project. COHSII is led by the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center working with the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors and the Dental Quality Alliance. The NOHI LC is also supported by FrameShift Group.

The purpose of the LC is to share successes, lessons learned, and challenges focusing on building capacity around the three core functions: (1) data, analysis and evaluation, (2) outreach and education, and (3) policy and practice.

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If you have additional questions or need further information about the project, please contact Susan Lorenzo, Technical Assistance and Training Project Manager/Librarian.