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The Dental Home: Summary from an MCHB Expert Meeting
September 18–19, 2008, Washington, DC
» Companion report

Developing an Oral Health Medicaid Portability Model for Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Children: An Expert Meeting
March 10–11, 2008, Washington, DC
» Companion report

Oral Health Care During Pregnancy
December 11–12, 2006, Washington, DC
» Forum materials

Oral Health for Children with Special Health Care Needs: Priorities for Action—Recommendations from an MCHB Expert Meeting
» Companion report

Topical Fluoride Recommendations for High-Risk Children: Development of Decision Support Matrix
October 22–23, 2007, Washington, DC
» Companion report
» Matrix

From Others

National Oral Health Conference
Presentations are posted from National Oral Health Conferences, joint meetings between the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors and the American Association of Public Health Dentistry.

Medicaid | Medicare | CHIP Services State Dental Association
Presentations are posted from past annual symposia and webinars on oral health, Medicaid, and public health topics.

National Primary Oral Health Care Conference
This conference provides an opportunity for community-based oral health professionals to share information, receive clinical updates, and network with fellow professionals and program administrators.