Risk Assessment

Injury Risk Assessment Table

Risk Factors Intervention Strategies
Physical: Examples
Poor coordination (e.g., children with special health care needs) Referral for appropriate physical therapy
Protruding front teeth Orthodontic care
Lack of protective reflexes Referral for appropriate therapy
Behavioral: Examples
Failure to use age-appropriate safety measures (e.g., car seats, booster seats, seat belts, stair gates, mouth guards) Use of age-appropriate safety measures
Participation in contact physical activities and sports Use of protective gear
Socioenvironmental: Examples
Multiple family problems Referral for family counseling
Child abuse or neglect Reporting of suspected abuse or neglect to local social service agency
Substance use by child or adolescent Referral for substance abuse counseling
Substance abuse in family Referral for substance abuse counseling
Disease or Treatment Related: Examples
Hyperactivity Management of condition
Overmedication Adjustment of medications