Hiring a Dental Therapist or Advanced Dental Therapist

Enhancing Your Oral Health Care Team

Professional liability

There is no statutory requirement for a dental therapist or advanced dental therapist to carry professional liability coverage just as there is no requirement for a dentist to carry professional liability coverage.

In general, the dental therapist is covered under the dentist's professional liability coverage much like a dental hygienist and dental assistant is covered. The dentist should contact their professional liability carrier to determine if their carrier requires any modifications to the dentist's policy.

Following is information on companies that offer professional liability coverage to dental therapists and advanced dental therapists. Two resources for insurance coverage plans include:

  • Dyste Williams
    Working closely with the dental community throughout Minnesota, Dyste Williams provides professional liability insurance to dental therapists, advanced dental therapists, dentists, oral surgeons, dental hygienists and dental assistants. For more information call 952-593-5025; 800-800-6360.
  • Proliability/Mercer
    Dual licensed dental therapists who are American Dental Hygienists’Association (ADHA) members have access to a variety of insurance policies through Mercer Consumer. With ADHA's Professional Liability Insurance from Mercer Consumer, you'll be financially protected in case you are named in a lawsuit or brought before a licensing board. For more information call 800-375-2764.