Hiring a Dental Therapist or Advanced Dental Therapist

Enhancing Your Oral Health Care Team


Minnesota is First

The idea of a mid-level dental provider was first mentioned seriously in Minnesota in about 2006. Although Alaska had previously instituted a different mid-level practitioner model, the Dental Health Aide Therapist, who practices on Alaska American Indian reservations, Minnesota is the first state to enact legislation (2009) allowing the practice of dental therapy; Minnesota Statutes 150A.05 and 150A.105 and 150A.106.

An increased ability to meet the dental needs for underserved populations was a driving force in Minnesota for the establishment of a new mid-level dental practitioner. Minnesota's experience should prove useful in other states with similar goals to maintain high educational standards, to provide a high quality of care and patient safety, and to meet the oral healthcare needs of underserved populations.

Dental Therapy throughout the World

Dental therapy is not unique to the United States, and is practiced in many countries around the globe.

Map showing countries that are educating dental therapists

Two Mid-Level Practitioners

Minnesota has established quality educational programs for educating dental therapists and advanced dental therapists. Learn more about these programs using the buttons above to the left.

Working with Dental Therapists—Dr. Asif

Working with Dental Therapists—Dr. Powers