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The library contains high-quality oral health resources to assist professionals in providing education and training, conducting research, developing programs, and staying abreast of new developments. It includes materials (e.g., conference proceedings, curricula, policies, reports, standards) developed by government agencies, national and state organizations, community programs, and Maternal and Child Health Bureau–funded projects.

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May 2017

Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors. 2017. Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) fact sheet. Reno, NV: Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors.

This fact sheet defines silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and describes the evidence base for using SDF to control dental caries. Topics include indications, contraindications, and other considerations; recommended protocols; using SDF in addition to fluoride varnish, other professionally applied fluorides, or dental sealants; Medicaid reimbursement; and who can apply SDF.

Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin. 2017. Healthy smiles for mom and baby "promising practice": Jefferson County Health Department and the Community Dental Clinic. Milwaukee, WI: Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin.

This resource describes a promising practice for integrating oral health into the primary-health-care-delivery system by creating a formal referral process between local public health departments and oral health professionals. Topics include inputs, activities, aims and measures, impact, collaboration and integration, sustainability, and lessons learned.

Oregon Health Authority. 2017. Oral health in Oregon's CCOs: A metrics report. Salem, OR: Oregon Health Authority.

This report examines oral health care data in the context of Oregon's health system transformation, including the launch of the coordinated care organizations (CCOs) and expansion of its Medicaid program, Oregon Health Plan (OHP), through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Topics include provider distribution, utilization, patient experience, care coordination, and oral health integration. Information about stakeholder groups, technical specifications, and a measure dashboard are included.

Oregon Oral Health Coalition, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Health Funders Collaborative. 2016. Strategic plan for oral health in Oregon: Progress report. Salem, OR: Oregon Health Authority.

This biennial progress report presents an expert consensus on methods for optimizing oral health in Oregon. Contents include objectives and outcomes for each of three priority areas (infrastructure, prevention and systems of care, and workforce capacity). It also provides an assessment of progress in each area, highlighting success and innovation work to meet the objectives. It is based on interviews with 50 stakeholders including care providers, insurance providers, public health experts, funders, and state leaders.