Resources: Secure Community Buy-In and Support


Engaging Health Care Users: A Framework for Health Individuals and Communities
This framework is based on the premise that health care users must be actively engaged in improving outcomes and reducing overall health care costs. Health-care-user engagement is defined, and a framework that focuses on the roles of the individual, health care team, organization, and community is described. Strategies for engaging health care users are presented, and case studies exemplifying stakeholder engagement in each section of the framework are provided.

Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change—Securing Buy-In
This webpage defines stakeholder buy-in and addresses its importance for the success of a community-based health initiative. Strategies to obtain buy-in are offered. These strategies address getting buy-in from staff, from patients, and from the community.

Selecting a School-based Oral Health Care Program: Questions and Answers for School Staff
This document provides a series of questions and answers to guide schools on choosing a school-based oral health program. Question topics include why it is important for school-based programs to be community focused and why community-based programs should be allowed to provide oral health services to students in schools. Additional topics address community needs assessment, ownership, and funding and sustainability; program eligibility, treatment options, follow-up and emergency care, and appointments; service location and equipment needs; supervision, quality assurance, informed consent, and referral; and data collection, record keeping, and sharing of health information. School-based health center staff may find this document useful in anticipating questions from school administrators, faculty, and staff.


Gateway to Health Communications & Social Marketing Practice
This website offers resources and tool to help build social marketing campaigns and programs. Resources include tools for identifying population segments that will benefit from a health service, examples of successful health communications and social marketing material and interventions, channels for reaching target populations, tip sheets for entertainment writers and producers, and health communication basics for achieving success. Strategies for tracking and evaluating the success of health messaging efforts and communicating risk are also provided.

Tools for Data Demand and Use in the Health Sector: Stakeholder Engagement Tool
This document provides an approach for identifying an appropriate set of stakeholders to be involved in proposing, designing, implementing, and reporting on a health project. The stakeholder engagement tool offers a structured approach to identifying stakeholders, defining their roles and resources, identifying dynamics among stakeholders, establishing the optimal stakeholder group, creating an engagement plan, and tracking stakeholder engagement. Templates for project planning, implementation, and follow-up phases are also provided, as are practical considerations for using the tool.

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