Resources: Build a Leadership Team


Collaborative Healthcare Leadership: A Six-Part Model for Adapting and Thriving During a Time of Transformative Change
This document identifies key leadership practices within six organizational capabilities that are a prerequisite for establishing the successful delivery of collaborative care in multidisciplinary health care organizations. The organizational capabilities include collaborative patient care teams; resource stewardship; talent transformation; boundary spanning (e.g., eliminating silos); capacity for complexity, innovation and change; and employee engagement and well-being.

Delivering a Collective Leadership Strategy for Health Care
This paper describes steps for developing and implementing an effective collective leadership strategy. These steps include discovery, design, development, and evaluation.

Leadership in Healthcare Organizations: A Guide to Joint Commission Leadership Standards
This paper provides leadership standards critical to the goal of providing safe, high-quality patient care in a health care organization. While the paper focuses on large health care organizations, including hospitals, all the standards apply to school-based health centers. The paper includes information on what leaders do, leadership structure, leadership relationships, hospital culture and system performance, and leadership operations.

Safety Net Medical Home Initiative, Engaged Leadership
The Safety Net Medical Home Initiative website describes the initiative designed to help primary care safety set sites in five states become high-performing patient-centered medical home (PCMH). The Engaged Leadership web page describes key changes that leaders need to embrace to effectively facilitate, support, and sustain PCMH transformation. The page includes strategies and tools for guiding practices through PCMH transformation and using health center board members to support PCMHs. It also includes tools for developing strategic planning, quality improvement, and business processes.

Situational Leadership: Long-Term Success in the Rapidly Changing Healthcare Environment
This paper defines situational leadership, identifies the core competencies of situational leadership, highlights the forces of change in health care, and discusses the need for flexible work styles.


Community Tool Box, Chapter 6. Building Leadership
This chapter offers a toolbox to develop a plan for enhancing leadership and its core tasks. It offers a guide for becoming engaged as a leader, accessing leader and team competence in core tasks of leadership and developing a plan for improvement, envisioning team leadership team, setting leadership-development goals for individuals and teams, selecting methods for developing leadership, recruiting new people to lead, enhancing collaboration within and across teams, promoting leadership as a service, promoting adaptations to new situations, and building an excellent team will be built with strong leadership. Resources related to each core task are provided.

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