Module 5: Behavior Guidance
Special Care- Behavior Guidance

5.0 Behavior Guidance


Module 5 includes information about behavior guidance that can help oral health professionals provide care for children in a safe and effective manner. The module discusses the concept of informed consent, basic behavior guidance (communication and communicative guidance and nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation), and advanced behavior guidance (protective stabilization, sedation, and general anesthesia).

The module provides one downloadable tool: Preparing Children and Their Families for the Hospital Dental Experience. The tool can help oral health professionals discuss some of the issues involved in hospitalizing a child for oral health care with parents.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the goal of behavior guidance in the dental office for children, and list three factors that may make guiding the behavior of CSHCN challenging.
  • Describe three things that oral health professionals can do to promote the cooperation of CSHNC in the dental office.
  • List three conditions that must be met for informed consent.
  • List three communication and communicative guidance techniques.
  • List three things that should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to use protective stabilization.
  • Explain under what conditions sedation should and should not be used.
  • Explain under what conditions general anesthesia should and should not be used.

Time Needed to Complete this Module

Approximately 30 minutes