Module 3: Oral Health Supervision
Special Care- Oral Health Supervision

3.0 Oral Health Supervision


Module 3 presents information about oral health supervision for children with special health care needs (CSHCN). Oral health supervision provides the framework to ensure that all children have access to health promotion and disease prevention services that address their unique oral health needs in a comprehensive, family-centered, culturally sensitive, and community-based manner.

The module begins with a list of family interview questions that can be used to gather key information for developing an appropriate oral health care plan. Instructions for conducting an oral examination for CSHCN are presented. The module explains why some CSHCN may be at risk for child abuse and/or dental neglect and offers descriptions and assessment tips for some common oral conditions affecting some CSHCN. Anticipatory guidance specific to oral health, nutrition, and oral trauma and injury to share with parents is also provided. The module concludes with indicators to measure oral health outcomes for CSHCN and their families.

The module provides four downloadable handouts and a list of educational resources that oral health professionals can share with parents and children to foster optimal oral hygiene at home.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe two topics to discuss during an interview with parents of CSHCN.
  • Describe two ways to position a child during an oral examination.
  • Describe two oral conditions for which CSHCN may be at increased risk, and explain how to assess whether children are at risk.
  • Explain why some CSHCN may be at risk for child abuse and/or dental neglect.

Time Needed to Complete this Module

Approximately 30 minutes