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Module 3: Prevention of Tooth Decay


Module 3 discusses health behaviors and prevention measures to reduce the risk, severity, and impact of tooth decay in infancy and early childhood. The module provides information about when an infant or child should first visit the dentist, appropriate oral hygiene practices for infants and children, and feeding and eating practices that can reduce the risk for tooth decay. The module also discusses fluoride and fluorosis. In addition, the module offers an overview of other preventive measures available to prevent tooth decay.

Learning Objectives

  • Indicate when a child should first visit a dentist, and why.
  • Describe appropriate oral hygiene practices.
  • Describe healthy feeding and eating practices.
  • Explain the importance of fluoridation.
  • Describe some preventive measures available to prevent tooth decay.

Time Needed to Complete this Module

Approximately 35 minutes

mother brushing baby girl's teeth