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Module 2: Risk Factors for Tooth Decay


Module 2 explores the risk factors associated with tooth decay: in infancy and early childhood. The module provides information about risks associated with being from certain population groups or with having certain conditions. The module also discusses other risk factors associated with tooth decay, how parents’ behavior can affect an infant’s or child’s risk for tooth decay, and the relationship between tooth decay and the frequency with which infants and children eat or drink. In addition, the module discusses the relationship between breastfeeding and risk for tooth decay.

Learning Objectives

  • List population groups that are at high risk for tooth decay.
  • Identify several risk factors for tooth decay.
  • Explain the connection between the oral health status of parents and the development of tooth decay in infants and children.
  • Identify feeding and eating behaviors that influence the development of tooth decay.

Time Needed to Complete this Module

Approximately 25 minutes

asian toddler held by caregiver