Module 5: Operating Effective Programs
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Please Note: This curriculum was developed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and may not reflect current guidance for materials, procedures, and infection control.

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5.6 Site Reviews

In addition to reviewing data submitted by the school-based dental sealant programs that it funds, ODH evaluates its funded programs by making at least one comprehensive site visit to each program during each 3-year funding cycle. ODH conducts both comprehensive and focused site reviews. On a situational basis, ODH may conduct focused site reviews to gather additional information about specific questions raised by reviews of grant proposals and reports, communication about a program, or comprehensive site reviews. Unlike comprehensive site reviews, focused reviews concentrate on an aspect or aspects of the program rather than on the entire program. The focused site review may be a blend of information gathering and technical assistance (TA). The two types of reviews are discussed below.

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Comprehensive Site Reviews

The comprehensive site review is a proactive assessment aimed at identifying a program’s strengths, improving overall program performance, and intercepting potential problems. In a comprehensive site review:

  • ODH requests that the program submits copies of documents, protocols, and procedures for review in advance of the site visit and also specifies documents that are to be available on site.
  • The site review consists of a clinical review of the sealant team’s procedures and an administrative review of program policies, procedures, use of patient records (based on a review of a random sample), and other operational considerations.
  • The review team holds a brief exit interview with appropriate program staff to provide immediate feedback. The exit interview is followed by a written final report outlining the findings—strengths, areas needing improvement, and next steps—within 30 days of the visit.

Focused Site Reviews

The focused site review uses the portions of the comprehensive site visit procedures that relate to the issue or issues requiring review. TA is provided to help programs improve performance, achieve program goals, and meet standards. TA may be conducted via phone, e-mail, meetings, focused site visits, or a combination of these, by OHS staff and/or GAU staff, as appropriate.

Technical Assistance

If a program has a significant problem (e.g., poor sealant retention), a formal plan for correction or improvement may be necessary. OHS may develop an improvement plan, or, at its discretion, may offer the program an opportunity to advance a plan for ODH approval. Improvement plans must delineate steps to be taken, along with a timeframe for accomplishing them and who is responsible.