Module 4: Materials and Application Techniques
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Please Note: This curriculum was developed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and may not reflect current guidance for materials, procedures, and infection control.

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4.0 Materials


This module reviews the dental-sealant-application process for school-based dental sealant programs. The module includes an overview of selected sealant materials appropriate for use in school-based programs, differentiates between the attributes of various sealant materials, and outlines techniques recommended for sealant placement and for evaluating programs’ sealant retention rates.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify at least three desirable attributes of sealant materials for use in school-based dental sealant programs.
  • List three ways to prevent operator injuries in school-based sealant programs.
  • Explain why the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) does not require the programs it funds to use newer bonding systems with bonding agents and does not recommend using them routinely.
  • Explain what is currently known about any Bisphenol-A (BPA)–related risks from humans’ exposure to BPA from dental sealants.
  • List the steps in the sealant-application process, in order.
  • Explain the difference between short- and long-term retention checks.

Time Needed to Complete This Module

Approximately 30 minutes